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Join our coliving experiences

Come live, grow and connect with a curated group of kind and supportive people for 9 days

At Remote Roots we are passionate about bringing back the essence of community in the modern work life. In a digital world that often leaves us feeling disconnected, we aim to create a space where genuine connections flourish. Start your day with mindfulness, grounding yourself for a productive and fulfilling work day. End your day with shared moments of laughter, community dinners and learning from each other, forging life-lasting connections with like-minded individuals. We believe that work and play can harmoniously coexist. 


Together, let's redefine work-life balance and cultivate a community that elevates us all.


Want to experience connection, skill sharing, mindfulness and coworking?

Come live with our community for 9 days around the world

We organise coliving experiences around the world for anyone who can work remote for a week at a time. With 10-15 people, we live in rural villa somewhere surrounded by nature, with a group of carefully curated individuals that all went through an interview process to assure we come for the same reasons - building deep connections, learning from each other, supporting one another and go back to our essence of community.

The coliving experiences always start on a Saturday and end on the following Sunday - allowing to colive for two weekends and one working week, without having to take any days off. 


What makes us special

We select a special and kind group of people

We curate a group of 12-18 interesting and ambitious individuals that all bring something to the table. We want to meet you and your fellow participants during a short introduction call to build a conscious and kind community that can connect deeply during the Colive, and make sure everyone feels welcomed and connected.

We focus on productivity, play and personal growth

All our participants have work to do during the day. To get the most out of your work days, we provide internet and workspaces. Before work, we give you the opportunity to start your day consciously, by doing meditations and yoga. During your free time after work, you can relax, or play and free your inner child.

We believe in the concept of "each one teach one"

Sharing is caring. And that's why we encourage participants to voluntarily share what they love, are good at or passionate about with the rest of the group in the evenings or weekends during a dedicated session. In this way, each Colive has a unique program with exposure to various activities, mindsets and learnings.

Our upcoming coliving cohorts

Come join us to one of our 9-day colive experiences around the world. We are still in the process of cooking up our soup - so sign up to our newsletter and stay up to date for newly decided destinations right when they come up.  

How do I join?

Beautiful Ocean


Let's meet!

To ensure a group of kind and supportive individuals is joining our Colive, we want to get to know you and what makes you tick during a 30min video call.


Reserve your spot

If there's a match, you will receive a confirmation email and can reserve your spot by making the payment. There are as many spots available as the accommodation provides beds, and it's first-come-first-serve.


Join the WhatsApp group

Around a week before the Colive starts, you will get invited to a WhatsApp group with all participants. Here, you can start getting to know each other, make travel arrangements and get excited!


Colive & connect

Live and work together with a group of 10-15 like-minded individuals for 9 days and build lasting connections and healthy habits while working on your career.


Something special during each Remote Roots coliving experience are our so-called 'each-one-teach-one' sharing sessions. These are skill share sessions during which, as the name already reveals, each participant can teach something they are good at, have expertise in or do as a hobby, and then host a workshop for the rest of the group. 

As with everything during our coliving experience, hosting and attending these workshops is not mandatory however has been greatly appreciated by our groups each time. You learn and dive into something new and maybe something you have never heard of or done before. For us, this has been everything from ice bath workshops, to Tai Chi, dance classes, creative writing, marketing, ads and personal branding workshops, cooking classes and more.

What would you organise, host or teach? 


Join our coliving community

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