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Code of conduct

Get ready for the Colive adventure of a lifetime! We've compiled a playful guide to make your coliving journey nothing short of amazing. Our Colive is all about embracing the magic of community, the freedom of remote work, and the joy of shared moments. Buckle up!

🎉 Respect first: We're all one big Colive crew, and showing respect is rule number 1! Let's create a positive, inclusive vibe that makes every day extraordinary.

  • Treat your fellow colivers with respect and kindness at all times.

  • Embrace everyone's uniqueness and open your mind to what someone's story is.

  • Words have power, so let's keep them kind, supportive, and full of cheer.

🚀 Boundaries, Boundaries! Everyone's different and this coliving is about both extroverts and introverts being able to live together as well as everyone feeling safe in their own personal space.

  • Connect with others, but don't forget to respect their solo time. We should all be able to recharge our internal batteries in the way that we need.

  • Knock before you enter! Each participant's personal bubble is sacred. 

  • Don't use other people's belongings unless you have been given permission to do so.

🍳 Sharing (spaces) is caring. The kitchen is our heart, and bathrooms are like mini sanctuaries. So, let's make sure to keep them tidy! Remember to clean up the kitchen and dishes immediately after use immediately and keep the bathrooms, shared rooms and common spaces clean and tidy.

💫 Spread Cheer, Not Tears: Positivity is our language! Kind words, encouragement, and laughter are what brings us togethers. 

  • Foster open and honest communication among participants. 

  • If it were to ever happen (unlikely with such an awesome group of people though!), approach conflict resolution with empathy, calmness and willingness to find common ground.

🎯 Work work work: A coliving experience gives us the perfect blend between work and play. 

  • Be mindful of others while using shared workspaces, maintaining a quiet and focused atmosphere so we can all get our work done!

  • Let's make sure we accommodate everyone's work needs and stay flexible. You can make use of the entire house and terrace.

  • Some of our lovely participants might sometimes have work calling in late evenings or early mornings so let's give them the empathy they need during those times and collaboratively find ways to both have people have fun and others do their work.

🌌 Zip It, Shhh... Quiet hours are sacred, so let's respect each other's sleep schedule, especially since we are all working the next morning. When it's sleepy time, let's turn down the volume and move to areas in the house where we don't disturb others in case they need or want to sleep earlier than us.

🛡️ Safety First!

  • Please do not share the Colive address with anyone who is not participating in the Colive!

  • Follow all safety guidelines provided by the coliving organizers at the kickoff of the Colive. 

  • Report any safety concerns promptly to the facilitators.

  • We are all here living together. Please be responsible for the security of your personal belongings and the coliving property itself.

🌟 Go with the Flow: Flexibility and understanding make us a formidable coliving team. 

  • Be flexible and adaptable to the needs and preferences of other participants.

  • Show understanding and empathy towards individual challenges or circumstances.

🏙️ Respect the Village: Our Colive community extends to the neighborhood! Please respect local laws and regulations, including noise restrictions and respect towards neighbors and the locals.

Welcome to our Colive! Let's make every moment count and create memories that will last a lifetime 🚀🌟

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