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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Remote Roots?
    Remote Roots is a platform that organizes coliving experiences for remote workers, digital nomads, and professionals seeking to work and connect with like-minded individuals in inspiring locations around the world. We will start the day with mindfulness, work during the day and share during 'each-one-teach-one' sharing sessions, connect and relax in the evenings and weekends.
  • I'm an introvert and being surrounded by people 24/7 seems like a lot. Does it make sense for me to join?
    Of course we welcome both introverts and extroverts to our coliving experiences and really appreciate the differences in energy for a balanced group dynamic. For us it is of the biggest importance that everyone that joins our coliving experience is authentically themselves. We all need to charge our batteries differently and if that means you need or want to spend time apart from the group and do your own thing from time to time, we encourage you to do so. It is agreed with the entire group during our welcome ceremony that there is no judgement whatsoever.
  • Can I bring my friend or partner?
    Of course! Your friend or partner can become participants too, just let us know you come together. While we are sure that they are just as lovely as you are, we would still like to meet them 1-1 during a 30min introduction call. In most locations we will have a number of double rooms with a double bed, or 2-bed rooms available. Of course w will happily put you in a room with your loved one.
  • How long do Remote Roots Colives last?
    Remote Roots Colives typically last for 9 days and 8 nights, providing participants with an immersive and transformative experience and the ability to truly connect to and get to know the other participants during two weekends and one working week.
  • Can anyone join?
    We curate a group of kind and supportive individuals to come to our Colives to make sure everyone is comfortable and we can expect the group to get along well. That is why we facilitate 1-1 introduction sessions where we want to get to know the participants a bit better to see if there is a fit between what our Colives are facilitating and the participants' personalities and motivations. We also want every participant to have work to do during the day. So let's rephrase: Anyone that is kind and supportive,and is coming to experience community, put down their walls and connect authentically to others is welcome.
  • How much does it cost to participate in a Remote Roots Colive?
    The cost of a Remote Roots Colive experience varies depending on the location, accommodation and specific program details. In most locations, there are also different rooms available which will influence the price. We try to keep the prices of our Colive experiences as low as possible to allow a variety of participants to join. Please check our website or contact us for the latest pricing information.
  • Is food included?
    No, food is not included. As we are aware that a group of 10-15 individuals will have different dietary requirements, allergies and preferences (think of gluten free, vegan, etc.), we don't want to impose any certain foods on the group. Hiring a private chef for Colives would bring the price up significantly, possibly with not everyone being able to enjoy all that is being cooked. In this way, participants can also cook together and go to restaurants whenever they want to, without paying double. We make sure that there is always a supermarket in walking distance, or there is at least one car hired to go for supermarket runs.
  • What makes Remote Roots different from other coliving options?
    Remote Roots stands out by offering curated coliving experiences that prioritize community, personal growth, and playful activities. Other than in coliving apartments, participants arrive on the same day and leave on the same day, allowing for a week of building deeper connections and lasting friendships. You can be certain that everyone that is joining is eager to meet new people as we've selected them previously through interviews, making sure everyone is kind and there for the same reasons.
  • Do I need to take any days off?
    As we arrive on Saturdays and leave on Saturdays, you might not have to take any days off from your job - of course this depends on your onward and outward journey.
  • What amenities are available at the coliving location?
    Our coliving locations are carefully chosen to provide essential amenities such as WIFI, enough workspaces for everyone to comfortably work, communal areas for socializing, and often additional facilities like gardens, swimming pools, BBQs and more.
  • Will there be office equipment available?
    That depends on the Colive accommodation. Generally we will have tables and chairs available but we cannot always promise office chairs, separate desks or second screens. Please reach out if this is absolutely necessary for you to do your job and we can see what we can organise for certain accommodations.
  • Is Remote Roots a luxury experience?
    No, Remote Roots focuses on community and inclusion rather than luxury. This means that we try to offer our coliving experiences at a lower price than any usual retreat you will find to make sure as many people as possible that want to join and experience community have the financial means to do so. Our villas are comfortable and we take care to provide you with a space that allows for a variety of activities, however to keep the prices low, they are not luxurious.
  • What type of accommodation is provided during the coliving experience?
    Remote Roots offers comfortable and well-equipped accommodations, including private rooms or shared rooms in private villas. The specific type of accommodation varies depending on the location.
  • Is there a shared workspace available at the coliving location?
    Yes, Remote Roots ensures the availability of shared workspaces within the coliving locations, both inside and often also outside the buildings, if desired.
  • Are the coliving spaces suitable for individuals with special requirements?
    We strive to make our coliving experiences accessible to individuals with special requirements. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Are pets allowed at the coliving space?
    Pets are generally not allowed at the coliving spaces due to the diverse preferences and potential allergies of participants. However, please contact us to discuss any specific situations or requirements you may have.
  • What is a each-one-teach-one sharing session?
    Each of you has something unique to share with others. Whether that's a passion of yours, something you're good at, interested in or knowledgeable about (e.g. from your work). We want to give you the stage to experience and share this with the group during a session that we can conduct either in the evenings or during the weekends.
  • Do I have to facilitate an each-one-teach-one session?
    We'd love for you to facilitate one, but again - nothing is mandatory. We believe that everyone has something unique about them that the rest of the group would love to hear about or experience. We can help you with ideas during our introduction calls in case you don't know what to do, and even during the Colive we might come up with new ideas. Don't feel pressured but let's make sure you don't hide yourself either - because that might hinder real connection.
  • What if I have to work long or for a different time zone?
    We understand that some of our participants might work with different time zones and will have to take calls early or late in the morning. That's no problem at all. All our program is voluntary and whoever needs some time for work (or also just being an introvert), they are free to do so anytime.
  • What's the program during our stay?
    We will start the day with some mindfulness (e.g. meditation, stretching, breathwork, ice baths), work during the day, and can relax, connect over an each-one-teach-one sharing session, or play in the evenings. You can find the approximate programs of our Colives on each coliving experience's web page.
  • What if I want to do something else than the program sometimes?
    The program is here to facilitate community, mindfulness, play and work - but we are not a retreat and rather a space where you can live and enjoy life with other interesting individuals. We are flexible. If you or the group come up with something else fun to do in the mornings, evenings or weekends, you are free to do so. Please just make sure you stay connected to the group as much as possible and let people in on your ideas so we can do what we came for - connect deeply.
  • What can I do during my each-one-teach-one?
    Basically anything that you love, are passionate or knowledgeable about, interested in or good at. This could be a cooking class of your favorite or home country dish, a dance class, a brainstorm session on a certain topic, a sporty activity or workout that you do, a knowledge sharing / 101 session - anything at all. Have a think and let's discuss during our introduction call.
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