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May 25 - June 02, 2024
Sant Cebria de Vallalta, Spain

Join us as we live together in a beautiful villa just 45 minutes outside of Barcelona, Spain for 9 days and 8 nights with like-minded individuals that want to connect deeply to others, work on their careers and learn from one another. 

In a nutshell

Live with a curated group of 15 individuals, all selected through introduction interviews in a remote villa in the beautiful region of Catalonia in Spain. Wake up and start your day with mindfulness, co-work with others, host and organise various kinds of workshops and cook and eat community dinners together each night. Explore the surrounding area through hikes and excursions on the weekends. 


The accommodation

Our beautiful villa is equipped with 8 bedrooms and bathrooms, multiple common areas to hang with the group, a large outside garden and terraces, a BBQ, an outdoor pool, a TV with Netflix & Co., a fully equipped kitchen and more. You can choose to stay in a double room, 2 person or 4 person shared room. From the city of Barcelona, you will reach the village by car in around 45 min and within a few hours by bus from the Barcelona Airport Del Prat (BCN) or Girona Costa Brava Airport (GRO).

Get your work done

The house is equipped with high-speed Internet (300 mbit/s), a WIFI mesh system that allows to have Internet almost everywhere on the compound, and work spaces in the common areas and terraces. Everyone on the Colive will have work to do so you can get productive alongside each other without missing out on any activities. 


Mindfulness in the morning

We will start the day with mindfulness. This can be a meditation session, a yoga or stretching class or breathwork combined with an ice bath. We will have our own yoga or mindfulness teacher living with and teaching us. This way you can start your day consciously and connected to your mind and body. All activities are voluntary - but of course we'd love you there.  

Connecting in the evenings

The evenings are co-created by each of you. If you are interested, you can share something with the group. Our "each one teach one" sharing sessions can be everything from dance and sport activities, brainstorm and knowledge sharing workshops, to cooking classes - truly anything that you are passionate about, good at or want to explore with the group. We can brainstorm together during our introduction call what you might like to do. In this way, the Colive will have a unique program depending on the people selected. 


Our villa

Want to join?

Let's have a quick introduction chat and you'll be able to reserve one of the limited spots available for our fourth Colive.

What's included?

  • Accommodation in a double, 2- or 4-bedroom for 8 days and 8 nights

  • a community of carefully selected, kind and supportive individuals that are eager to connect in a meaningful way while working on their careers

  • High speed Internet and workspaces in the house

  • Morning mindfulness sessions like yoga, meditation, breathwork, ice baths

  • Evening & weekend sharing through "each-one-teach-one" sessions curated by individuals of the cohort

  • Variety of games at the groups' disposal, and great competition :)

  • a TV with Netflix & Co. for movie nights, a pool and large garden and terrace area, a fully equipped kitchen and a BBQ

What's not included? 

  • Flights and transportation to the accommodation (you can choose to share a car rental with other participants)

  • Travel-, health- and other insurances

  • Food (we will share costs of food and cook together most meals)


The prices depend on the type of room chosen. For the 2- and 4-bed rooms, allocation will happen according to any preferences, and gender where possible. 

Arrival (2).png

What our participants say


Arin, 30 from England

‘I love that Remote Roots offered a balanced and diverse experience. A 'holiday' where I could still get work done. A friendly place to practice new skills, a fun group to play spontaneous games with. All while building new friendships, exploring nature and living in a beautiful house that feels like home pretty quickly.’
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